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About this Site

Welcome to the blog and resource portal for Marymount Literature and Humanities graduate students working toward the Master’s thesis (basic internship practicum information is also available on this site). This site contains useful tips and pieces of advice to guide you during the process of writing your thesis, but it also hosts information about the proposal and registration stages, as well as the formatting, submission, and defense presentation process–and, most importantly, the relevant deadlines.

Finally, this site should ideally serve as an electronic meeting place to foster community among our MA students. The writing process can sometimes be an isolating experience, but you are not alone!¬† We’re interested in hearing about your progress, questions you have, helpful resources you found, advice on all things relevant to graduate study and the writing process–and good places to visit when you’re in need of a break. Don’t forget to get out of the house for a while, have dinner with friends, exercise, or go for a walk–this helps you keep your focus!

To become a formal contributor on this blog, send an email to thowe [at] marymount [dot] edu; however, if you need to vent, suggest a link, ask a question, or just parse something out in public, feel free to reply to the open comments page. We look forward to hearing from you!